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SmartFlow transforms real world processes involving complex analysis, subtle judgements, creative problem solving, and personalised customer care. 

SmartFlow Designer

A powerful low code editor makes it easy to quickly improve complex processes. Workflows can be created by business users and don't rely on extensive technical expertise or infrastructure investments (e.g. servers, cloud storage).


Award Winning Innovation

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Connect People, Processes, and Technology

SmartFlow reduces friction within processes, seamlessly connecting people, processes, and technology. It is deployed over existing systems to rapidly solve real world business problems. SmartFlow drives each step of the process, automating tasks when advantageous and supporting humans with the tasks that they do best (e.g. providing caring customer service or dealing with unexpected circumstances).

SmartFlow provides a complete intelligent automation tool-suite with advanced features for automating complex processes: 

  • No code workflows - with process capture recording 

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  • Modern employee interface - easily access any data and manage any task

  • Process orchestration - drive processes automatically from end-to-end 

  • Informed decision making - make fast accurate decisions, based on data and business rules

  • OCR - digitalise documents with Optical Character Recognition

  • Audit trails - generated as you work

  • Task automation -attended/unattended RPA - Robotic Process Automation 

  • Resilient and agile - workflows that are hard to break and easy to update

  • Data intelligence - identify likely data matches, synchronise data, and automatically find relevant information for each step in a process. Employees are presented with the right data at the right time to help them do a good job

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Create processes where employees, systems and automations work efficiently together to deliver fast personalised outcomes.

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Automate or augment decisions, with accurate, data-driven answers in real-time. Reduce touchpoints or provide first-call resolutions.

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Integrate different systems without the need for APIs. Use AI to manage data and automatically

synchronise disparate systems.

Find out how SmartFlow can simplify your world

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