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Preaching to the Choir: How to Make Your Cross-Sell Timely and Relevant


Thursday 10th March 2022 12:30pm

Good customer service and good sales can sometimes feel directly opposed. Good customer service is repeatable and focused on resolving customer queries efficiently, while good selling relies on individually tailoring the message to the needs of the person that you are talking to.

Post-pandemic there is pressure to increase revenue, but skills shortages are making it even harder for organisations to hire people who are good at both customer service and sales. This frequently leads to awkward conversations, that are uncomfortable for both customers and employees.


This webinar looks at how technology can be used to help bridge this gap. Using a call centre example to explore how to:

  • Make selling feel natural by flagging highly personalised opportunities at the right point in a call. 

  • Increase conversion rates without negatively impacting NPS scores.

  • Ensure FCA compliance, with documented proof that sales opportunities would not be classified as misselling. 

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